Thursday, November 12, 2009

Useless facts

Here are some interesting and useless facts to make you chuckle.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise. (Since Venus is normally associated with women,
what does this tell you!)

You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.

The King of Hearts is the only king WITHOUT a moustache.

Turtles can breathe through their butts. ( if you dont belive me google it, I dare you)

Flower car lady - Have a happy and colorful day

Monday, November 02, 2009

I am

I am – trying to put back my house together after having painters and contractors in here for the past 2 weeks. The end result on the walls and floors is pretty but there is just so much stuff that was moved around and it all needs to be put back to where it belongs. So much dust covered every square inch of the house.

I am looking outside my window – and I see leaves all over the driveway. Its clear and warm but the leaves are just everywhere.

I am listening to Calle Ocho it is a fun upbeat dancing song I love to hear in my Zumba class.

I am thinking - about the NY Yankees and I hoping that they play well and win the WORLD SERIES tonight . Go Yankees !

Flower car lady - Have a happy and colorful day