Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year New resolution.

I may not be posting as much as I want to but I just realised that I have made some progress on my 52 goals for the year. So I am taking a moment to celebrate the ones that I have completed. Lots left to do you yet and I need to refocus on these items and get moving. So I guess my New years resolution is to refocus on the things that are important to me.

1) Take a go-see-it vacation : This summer we ended up taking a trip to Costa Rica and we went Zip lining over trees. That's a whole blog post in of itself.
2) Build a new garage - well its a long long process with lots of roadblocks...
3) Loose 5 pounds - really need to kick start this process and give it more serious attention and focus.

4) Take voice lessons : Few months ago I started vocal lessons in Indian classical music. Makes me realise how much I lack in musical ability LOL. Its been great, I am glad I am doing it cause its something I always wanted to do since I was a little kid and I love singing .

5) Go apple picking with the family
6) Go berry picking with the family
7) Teach the kids to ride a bike
8) Learn to swim without fear
9) Surprise my H for lunch
10) Host an afternoon tea with my Girlfriends

11) Paint my sons room : OK so I hired painters to do this but hey its done so it counts.
12) Paint the front door : OK so I hired painters to do this but hey its done so it counts.
13) Paint the bathroom door : OK so I hired painters to do this but hey its done so it counts.
14) Get some yard work done

15) Plant Basil for the summer : It was great to have fresh basil on hand when needed. Definitely on the list for next year.
16) Plant an Hibiscus tree : Done but as we speak it is dying out side in the cold as I forgot to bring it in once the cold set in .

17) Plant a Jasmine tree
18) Set up a plan for DH”s 50th Birthday
19) Spend a day with each child exclusively
20) Get drapes for the bedroom : Done and they are pretty multi color striped.
21) Take sewing lessons
22) Take the kids to a museum
23) Repaint the guest room : done
24) Clean the office
25) List 50 items on EBay
26) Buy a new set of dishes
27) Donate my time/expertise to a Nonprofit
28) Start a new friendship
29) Have lunch with a friend I don’t see often
30) Go see a play with my husband
31) Go see a Broadway show in NYC
32) Teach the kids rollerblading
33) Climb to top of a mountain with spectacular views
34) Hike with the family on local trails
35) Go racing with my DH
36) Learn and master a new recipe
37) Eat breakfast regularly
38) Take vitamins regularly
39) Get a physical
40) Get a mammogram : Done- All clear.
41) Go to an annual OBGYN visit : Done - All Clear

42) Go to the gym 3-4 days a week regularly- been doing good all of 2009 hope to step it up in 2010.
43) Stick with the blog for 365 days

44) Ride my bike

45) File paperwork for my mom

46) Paint the kitchen baseboards

47) Spend an entire day in silence

48) Fast an entire day

49) Have a family movie night in the basement

50) Frame and display family photos

51) Spend a whole day without using any power

52) Read 25 books

Flower car lady - Have a happy and colorful day